Crystal Education

What you learn on a Tuesday
will carry you daily

Crystal Equipping Center is a learning center that aims to equip persons that want to grow Spiritually and Mentally. Our courses are aimed to provide a strong Spiritual Foundation built on The Word of God and an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. To develop Mature, Loving individuals that are successful and relevant, not just in Church, but also in their homes, workplaces and society.

We teach Spiritual, Theological and Life Skill Subjects by Lecturers that are not only successful in their various fields, but are also Lecturers that are committed Christians that love Jesus. The Equipping Center has six Terms per year, and each Term runs over a four week period, after which each person that has completed the Subject will receive a Certificate. Lectures take place on a Tuesday Night from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM.
Everyone is welcome to join us, and it only costs R100