The heartbeat of Crystal


Life Groups is the Heartbeat of Crystal Church. The Life Group get-togethers provide intimate fellowship, support and relationships among members. Life Groups are where you meet different members of the church who live in and around the same area.

These groups are there to encourage, care, pray together, nurture and study the word of God. In a life group you take a much needed break from life’s everyday demands and invest in what’s important, your relationship with God and your relationship with people around you. Life groups facilitate the intimate support that you will need and where close relationships can develop.

What Can I expect to find at the Life Group:

- Expect to know that you are not alone
- Expect to find other people who are also new to the Life Group Experience
- Expect to begin some new relationships
- Expect that trust will deepen over time
- Expect to learn something
- Expect to have an opportunity to identify and use your spiritual gifts

Who Do I Contact?

Ps Rodin Bora (District Pastor)
(011) 4941363