Crystal's Counseling Department plays an important role in pastoral care. Counseling from a Christian perspective is a process that produces change and growth in a person through the offices of a pastor or counsellor who seeks to use all available human and divine resources to bring healing, wholeness and maturity to the counselee. Please contact Pastor Neil: 011 494 1363



Christian premarital counseling prepares a couple seeking marriage to enter into a relationship based upon sacrificial love for one another and to place the needs of others before the needs of self. The Christian couple is encouraged to invite Jesus Christ to their personal Saviour. The counseling runs over a three month period and covers topics such as family values, finances, budgeting, intimacy in marriage, and relationship with in-laws, respecting your partner and yourself.


Marriage with or without Christian pre marital counselling is a challenging adventure that can be both rewarding and fulfilling if it is characterised by unconditional commitment and sacrificial love. But marriage is also a union of two individuals who have come together from different families each with a different set of expectations concerning the marriage. It is our desire through counselling to assist couples to deal with difficulties that they cannot handle on their own under normal circumstances


A family can be compared to a rowing a boat, as long as all the rowers face the front the boat will sail along nice and smoothly. But if one of the rowers decides to row in the opposite direction to the other rowers, we have a problem. We have a family in conflict. That family is in need of some basic family conflict resolution skills. When the family unit is under threat, it affects every member within that unit. After the problem has been identified and a plan to solve it has been created, the next logical step in family conflict resolution is to work the plan; this is where a fresh and neutral perspective makes a world of a difference.


Bereavement Counseling helps people cope with the sudden death of a family member or a loved one. With the loss of a loved one the whole world of the people who are affected by it caves in. The effects of bereavement can take time to fully manifest as some people may only feel a need for counseling sometime after the death. It is important for mourners to know that it is a normal and accepted reaction to seek help when they feel they need it


Divorce is the most painful and stressful experience that most people have ever faced in their lives. The confusion, the times of isolation, judgment, resent and unforgiveness raises many questions never thought of before. Divorce doesn’t only affect the two individuals concerned but impacts the children and the extended families as well. How does one recover from a divorce? How do you walk on after the divorce? What about future relationships? What about the children and the families?


A lot of us at one time or the other experiences feelings of great distress and duress by events that occur in our lives. Many of us walk around with hidden core wounds left from past experiences and events that prevents us from living our lives to its fullest potential. Trauma counseling facilitates an understanding of how past events influences and shapes the present – once we know what happened and the reasons why we do things, we have more freedom to make different and more conscious and positive choices and decisions. Trauma counseling enables the individual to rely on the God-given coping mechanisms that we are born with.