We as married couples are caught up in routine, our jobs, our kids, our busy schedules and because we are so busy as couples we forget to nurture our marriages. Remember when we were single? Dating was such fun, you talked laughed, you could not wait to see each other, oh my gosh it felt like time could just fly to see each other again. Now that you married it should remain the same.

About Marriage Connexion

Time to date your spouse all over again is CMC’s theme for the year and because we constantly learning from our spouses we should continue to date our spouses, rekindle the romance in our marriages and start making a priority of each other. Priority time is, most of our time! Not the left over’s, like before we go to bed at night or before we go to work in the morning. Priority time means going out for dates , planning break away week-ends which you plan in advance, small time slots during the day which also contributes to bonding , having dinner together, taking a walk together making time to talk and watching a movie together while you cuddle.

At, Crystal Marriage Connexion we strive to unite young married couples, providing support, we teach them about real expectations and experiences. We promote better communication, improve resource management and spiritual growth. This is where relationships will find shelter and support as you meet and connect with other couples who share the same desire for their marriage to Not just survive But to thrive. We believe that marriages and families guarantee stable communities and societies.

Our desire is to create a positive and uplifting environment for all young married couples. To assist in building relationships through mutual love and respect based on biblical principles that will serve as a beacon of light for generations to come. To provide couples with the information and support they need to make their marriage thrive. We further hope to become role models, mentors and guides for younger couples. If you desire a God honoring marriage that thrives on commitment, intimacy and growth then Crystal Marriage Connexion is for you'll.


    • Make It Work Marriage Conference / 13-14 November  2020
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